Anti Drug Music

We will try to spotlight various anti drug songs on this page




Drug Free Music

On this page we have put together a small collection of anti drug songs from YouTube. If you know of a video that should be on this page please contact us.


Don't Do What I have Done -
Written By Sean Cononie Copyright 1979

This song is the song that plays on the front page of the website. The song was written by Sean Cononie some 20 years ago and was brought out by Sean because he has seen so many people overdose on Pain Medication. Sean is not a drug addict but took the views of many addicts to finally finish the song in the year 2002. It was sang by Esperance, the Angel of Hope.

August 13, 2006

This is a music video I made for an original song of mine. I originally wrote the song about 3 years ago to enter into a drug free song contest. Unfortunately...i was attacked by procrastination...and it was never entered. Anyways...enjoy. This music video was created using The Movies.

lilpain10 - July 29, 2008

Jamar Tate performs his song "Drug Free" at the Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey's 2008 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs concert at Rutgers University's Nicholas Music Center in New Brunswick, NJ.